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How to play an online slot machine?

The of slot machines has changed a lot since those first manual machines, somewhat rustic, with lever, three spinning reels and simple illustrations of fruits.

The change was so great that today we don’t even need to leave the comfort of our homes to play the best slots, with videos full of sound and lights, and with themes ranging from fairies and mermaids to cyborgs and scary Halloween creatures .

Continue here with us and we will explain everything you need to know to have the best opportunities in these games that, in addition to being profitable, are fun hobbies!

How to choose your game

Although many people think that to play an online slot you just need to make a deposit and click the button that activates the reels, this is not the truth. All games have rules that must be understood in order for the player to increase their earning potential, without leaving their victory completely to chance.

Typically, the first criteria players must choose is the theme. The variety of themes of these games is so great that we are sure that it will not be difficult to choose one.

After that, you should spend a few minutes understanding how your chosen game works. All games have an explanation of their rules and this is essential for bets to be made correctly.

You will need to understand the amounts paid for each symbol, how many pay lines there are for that game, how you will divide the amount of your bet to activate the game lines, the available bonuses that can give you even more opportunities, if there is a jackpot and if it is accumulated, the percentage of return to player (RTP) and if the minimum and maximum bet amounts are within your budget.

If you think the rules are complex, no problem, just look for a game with a similar theme and with a lower degree of complexity.

How to play

Once the game is chosen, a cash deposit will be required to start the game.

Have you chosen the game and made the deposit? Then it’s time to hit the button that makes the magic happen and wait for victorious results while having fun in this dynamic experience that is the slots!

Know the terms of the games

Free Spins

They are the Free Spins that the game can offer and that guarantee more chances to win.


They are the Special Icons, which activate certain payments or functionalities and which do not need to appear in an exact order to benefit you with profits.


They are the Wilds, which act as substitutes for other symbols and help create winning combinations.